Empowered Pendant




Incredibly powerful Intention Empowered pendant РThe powerful intent of Words.

Gorgeous sterling silver pendant to make a statement – All our Goddess Life pendants are an opportunity to imprint power words on your being. To access the full benefit and instruction go to find out more about this Click here!

This product comes with information on how to empower yourself with a powerful intention prayer/meditation and also an NLP anchoring technique so you can quickly access the positive emotion when you need it.

Each Intention Empowered pendant comes with a meditation blessing already for you, however, I suggest you use the instructions as well to intent it yourself to bond it to your being personally. Along with the NLP anchor as well as you feel you would like to use that as a tool in your daily life. That’s particularly¬†helpful to overcome negative situations that arise beyond your control and to gain some control in your own emotions.



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