Bitcoin Investment System by USI Tech

If you don't want the headache of investing Bitcoin yourself then check this out -

I’m getting in on this because I want to be involved with Bitcoin from this still, somewhat early stage. Although I wish I had of discovered this 6 mths ago or bought Bitcoin when I first heard about it a few years ago because now one bitcoin is worth heaps.

Now that I am wanting to buy Bitcoin, I wouldn’t say I’m great at trading so for me this is where USI Tech comes in and does it all for you with great returns. Now I would like to be very clear it is a MLM structure. I normally absolutely totally dislike and will not touch anything MLM but I’m afraid this is just well so worth it………… I personally needed to start somewhere with Bitcoin because I don’t have the time or skill as a trader. This is a great way for under $100 investment to at least have some Bitcoin, start small and watch its growth. It also gives you an opportunity to learn more about it as expert’s trade for you and you can watch the progress to learn if you do want to step out on your own with cryptocurrency.

Now I say please do your own research because I think that’s very important to do extensive research before you get into something especially financial! Don’t invest a lot or what you cannot afford to lose but I do think it important to get into it now while you still can and ride the wave up.

I also wanted to share my spiritual view on this. I have no faith in the old ways and the way everything has been done in the past. I welcome with open arms a freer world with less strangulated hold by a small minority that pulls all the strings. I do believe cryptocurrency is the way of the future whether it bitcoin or not doesn’t matter we have to start somewhere it is a way of the shifting of wealth. This is the shifting of power and wealth that I first learned about 18 years ago. This is the breaking down of the old 3rd world dimension and into the 4th dimension of the coming into the divine feminine, balancing the power of wealth and balancing the masculine energy on the planet.

It was foreseen this shift in wealth, a time when the poor or average would get richer and the very wealthy with their hoards would crumble. Now understand it’s never black in white, there is all shades of grey even with the rich and the poor everywhere in relation to money and everything in life. To have money is not an evil but a sovereign right for growth, sharing of wisdom and ascension in this lifetime………….. To gain the wealth, the universe is not going to drop in your lap, if it is being presented to you continually in your consciousness your daily life. It’s up to you to pick up the signs or not and run with it! Just like seeing double digits everywhere indicating you are awake, if you are seeing Bitcoin symbols everywhere better get on board!