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Goddess Alchemy – GODDESS pendant


Goddess Alchemy Pendants are 925 Sterling Silver with power word on the front and the Goddess energy logo on the back. Our logo represents joy, empowerment and conscious energy. Each pendant is imbued intention energised into the silver talisman that word intention.  See full details in description below –

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Goddess Alchemy – GODDESS pendant

Goddess pendant Goddess Alchemy Pendants make an energy statement to the universe and everyone you meet. They are also your own talisman of confirmation and strength of your knowledge.

Goddess – meaning – powerful and conscious directed with the Goddess divine feminine energy, Embracing divine feminine on all planes and energy levels, a reminder of how female and powerfully conscious you are, able to empower others and send Goddess love nurturing energy out to the world.

These Goddess Alchemy Pendants are amazing little energy transmitters and enlightenment tools for ourselves and others. Yes, even the impact on others will have them thinking and asking about your pendant.

These Goddess pendants also come with both an enchantment affirmation and an NLP instruction on how to make this talisman your anchor for upliftment when you need it. See blog post on Enchantment affirmation and NLP anchor. To help you better understand how wonderful these pendants are.

To protect what has been blessed into the pendant. Your order comes in black tissue wrap to deflect any others energy in the shipping and handling process.


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