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Personalised Audio – Affirmation – Brain Re-Training

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1 hour Affirmation Personalised audio for brain re-training and manifesting. Includes all “I AM” affirmations, Voice over, Solfeggio – 528 hrz love frequency binaural tone and relaxing audio music.

Low tone voice over for sub-liminal influence. Intended use whilst sleeping or as background music whilst doing other things at home….

See full details below for process of ordering. It generally takes up to 5 days for full completion to end product.


Brain retraining Affirmation audio music for life improvement & manifestation.

How does the Brain re-training Affirmation audio work?

I use the affirmation audio music for brain retraining. Which empowers you first through your connection and acknowledgement with spirit, so the audio connects with your spirit which awakens, in turn, provides universal support. Then through your sub-conscious mind a changing, elimination of old paradigms and belief systems.  It does then start growing new neurons in your brain allowing new pathways to be formed creating awareness, understanding and acceptance of past and present. Making way for a new unfolding, new belief system of empowerment and the renewed you.

Choose your personalised Goddess Life audio for whatever life desires you like, Health, wealth and Love relationship. Audios provide a direct connection to spiritual consciousness and will aid in your own spiritual progress no matter what audio your topic and will also aid other areas of life too. As your spiritual growth is an integral part of the process to the whole. Just as you develop and improve one area of your life so will others benefit because it is all about moulding energy. Once you understand this and can raise and manipulate your own energy will help all areas of your life. The only discrepancy about that is if you are holding something in your vibration about a certain subject and you cannot let it go without some processing and healing. More in this on in blog –

These are one of the easiest and most powerful tools you could start using in your life today to change your life for the better outcome tomorrow.                                         JD

I totally believe these are one of the forgotten gems and most powerful tools you will ever use. Big statement I know but I absolutely swear by them in all my processing, healing and transcending negative energy in my life this is by least the number one thing I have used that has helped me to no end………… The incredible contrast experienced in early life gave absolutely no belonging, connection, love or self-worth in my life. It was only with listening to these audios now 20 years ago I listened to my first brain retraining audios that changed both my thoughts, behaviours and outcomes.

Ever since I have used these I have manifested so much easier and faster. I use the creative visual manifestation audio to manifest my desires. They just flow easily and fast now especially if I remain in the state of easy allowing even when out of meditation.

Note* Must not be used whilst driving. Intended used whilst sleeping or as background music whilst doing other things at home….

The process of personalised audio –

  1. Apon purchase – A Personal questionnaire will be sent to you so you can answer the finer details about your desires. Along with Affirmation selections.
  2. Then an appointment time is confirmed via email for a Skype, Facebook or Whatsapp.
  3. Scheduled personal consultation on Skype, Facebook (Facebook messenger accepts calls) or Whatsapp for approx. 15 -20 min
  4. Approx up to 3 days later. Email clarifying any editing of the full script details of your Affirmation or your Creative Visualisation manifestation audio. Subject to any changes before recording.
  5. Recorded voice by myself or yourself. (you can record on your smartphone)
  6. The file then edited and mixed with binaural and music.
  7. Completed file is given you via your own personal private access on our site. Within 5 days.


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