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Weekly Premium Personal Coaching


Personal coaching as needed weekly via Skype, Whatsapp or Facebook call. Email contact and Text message communication each week. This coaching is regular coaching and billed weekly. Cancel anytime.
Recommended to have read Alchemy Energy Vibration course. Timing is scheduled to when needed.

See below to send Introductory client enquiry once you have completed payment.


Weekly Premium Personal Coaching session for Happier, Healthier & Abundant life.

Includes personal coaching session or calls as needed on Skype, Whatsapp or Facebook call. Calls are untimed and pre-scheduled when needed. So we have the time to really clear and process problems as needed.  Also includes Email contact and Text message communication when needed to help you be inspired, guided & supported. This session will include outcomes to help you overcome problems that may be hindering your progress.  Ideas and suggestions for overcoming the problem to enable an easier and smooth transition to stay focused towards the achievement.

My ultimate aim is to be your support on your journey, to help you to navigate and lift your vibration when life throws us contrast. Self-development and progressing towards feeling and being more consciously empowered is a work in progress. However, this progression does require accountability, seeking clarity without ego to look within and strength to be honest with self.  This will bring empowerment of inner-self to enable a happier, stress-free, healthier and wealthier abundant life.

Support monitoring can also be achieved in the Goddess Self-Love GOAL Achievement – Private Facebook group. See here for on our group details

Once you have completed payment, It is required that you have filled out the Client Introductory Enquiry form

I will then contact you to schedule and confirm appointment times that may be suitable.

I look forward to working with you and helping you make amazing changes towards fulfilling your desires and having an amazing life.


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