Registering on USI tech

I also wanted to add if you do decide to register for your own USI tech account about the troubleshooting I experienced when registering. I say this as I’m about ease, openness and transparency. The company is new and so is the site and its growing at a fast rate. So it has been having technical problems as it has just gone through changes as it grows. So, it took me a while for my account to be verified, I’ll be honest was very annoying and I personally thought it incompetent of the company, but as they say, they are growing so fast and I know anything technical can be a pain in the ass and out of ones control at times. So, I wanted to warn you of that!    It can take up to a couple of tries to verify your phone number on there and when you open your Bitcoin account to your packages on             Also, that you are welcome to contact me personally for any help regarding connecting through my affiliate link any problems you may have, questions getting started or registered. Contact me via Facebook & FB messenger – Not sure if you are aware but on messenger, you can call people via phone if you are connected on FB msg app. This is handy because you don’t have to give out your phone number.